Correct Me If I'M Wrong

So earlier today installed MIDI Yoke on my Windows box, Rewired Renoise into Ableton and set up the MIDI Yoke to take the midi notes from one intrument to a different in Ableton. It all worked flawlessly and I am so impressed with the amount of wicked stuff I can do with Renoise. Every day, something new.

Now here’s the thing, in Renoise I used a simple sine wave for this instrument and I utilized the volume column (which I assume is the MIDI CC for Velocity) for some gating effects. In Ableton it didn’t send anything from the volume to the track. Now does this happen because the volume column isn’t actually a MIDI CC? I was thinking maybe it should effect the velocity envelopes in other DAWs.

If there is a solution to this, sorry for posting in the wrong section, but if not, I think this is a good idea.

Maybe you could use the velocity follower connected to the Midi Controller device? Haven’t tried this so I don’t know if this will work.

That will probably work! I will have to try it later, thanks a lot. Sorry if this is still in the wrong forum.

Alright but Ableton doesn’t act as a slave, which is why I got MIDI Yoke. Is it just a communication problem with MIDI Yoke?