Corrupt File

I had a song almost done in Renoise. All I had to do was add vocals and make a final mix, but I keep getting a message that says the file is “corrupted or inaccessible”. Is there any software that can fix something like that?

XRNS songs are zip archives… try making a copy of your song and putting through a zip fixer.

what is a zip fixer and where can I find one?

An application like Tugzip has a repair-function:

Copy your song, change the XRNS extension to .ZIP and then use the repair option in TugZip.
If you have luck, only a few samples in your song got corrupted and are easily restored from your personal disk-library
If the song.xml itself is corrupt then you are out of luck, but usually the filesize is so small, it doesn’t get affected in most cases.

After you have fixed the file, rename back to .XRNS and try to load back (replace any corrupt samples or lacking samples).

Google is your friend

edit: oh, too late

for the next time:

do yourself a favour and enable autobeackup feature

Ok, I tried that, but it says the archive is not supported. And it won’t let me enter the name of the output file.

If anyone wants to try to fix it for me, I’ll send it to you.

You can send it over to me (taktik renoise com)

you should have it in about 15 minutes. Thanks so much!

i am having the same problem as my song crashed while saving, i cant BELIVE this can happen.I Was making one of my best songs ever and was so close to finishing it! i almost felt like crying, seriously. :( this is so harsh

Did you tried to follow the procedures inside any of the answers posted above?

I always save my songs to 3 different physical HD’s.
In Renoise itself I do a save onto 2 HD’s and when I’m done tracking I run my .bat file that copies all changed songs to the 3rd HD. I do the same with Dsp chains.

And when I arrange I save as “Songname_01.xrns”, then some changes later “Songname_02.xrns” and so on.

A few good tips there!