Corrupt *.nrns after recovery form a HDD failure!


Short Story version: My audio HHD did a hard impackt and almost died the other day during a power failure.

This resulting in a boot failure ( read: 0x0000000e ) doing all the tricks in the “book” with no other result than me have to un-mounth HDD an do an external cmd recovery with piriforms recuva from another mahcine…anyways…

The *xrns recoverd was with full data, and everyting was looking fine untill i tried to load the files in Renoise and the error msg was as follows: File Loading error: The file is either not a known song file or is corrupt

I have tried to recover via zip recovery tools, saved song under another name ( no luck there :)/>/>)locked at det header/meta info for some errors, nope, nothing !

and since you pepps do know your mime types and how this works, you got any clue ?

anything i can provide to solve this! or is it lost…

best regards


It might be that the original file allocation records for your xrns got corrupted, in that case, your xrns got recovered with random data from somewhere on your harddrrive.
In that case you might need a recovery tool that actually scans your partition sector by sector for known file-types. A zip file has a header and also announces a filesize, which means that in this way, the data can still be recovered, if hopefully the file was stored contiguously on the drive.
In the past i used “rescue and recover” for recovery of FAT32 which worked wonderful. I’m not sure how well it does on newer and other filesystems.

That may be correct, it seems that it got all the data recoverd in the sense of Mb allocated, but this may be, as you said, random data.

Well, i was looking for such a tool, for more deep scanning for certain file types an more direct recovering, and yes the file(s) where stored here as it was working as a master storage device.

In any case i have nothing to loose what so ever, i will give it a fair shot and “X” my fingers for the best result and report back.

# # # # # # #

Day1#1: Rescue and Recovery (read:Lenovo) will not install om my computer as it aint Lenovo branded, so if there is another company with a tool named the same, give me a hint. Tho it seems to be a OEM version of the same application but it was far to old an wasent supporting Win7 ( and definitely not x64 anyways…)

Day1#2: Got hold of a Spinrite6 copy that was “scanning” my HDD for the night, but no luck at first attempt tho, gona give it 1 more try with some difrent options, hence it take aprox 6h pr 100Gb of disk, i got a 250Gb 1part disk to scan, so this will be tested during the night, and hopefully recoverd during early hours tomorow, damn…

anyway, i will report back if something goes my way, it may seem a lot of work for some tunes, but this is also a great way to gain experience, the hard way… :)/>/>

Thank you in advance


…Well! now i have tried diffrent programs and with out no luck et all! the latest one, “Spinrite6” did a nice job with the HDD but in the end the files where corrupted! so my recovery seems to have failed !

Anyway! i have done what i can from my poit of view, case not solved!

The only suggestion left here:

I have a NAS as well as a Raid-1 eSata drive attached to my computer.
I have my stuff on both drives stored, so frankly if one device goes down, i have another one.
Use a synchronsation tool with it and you will never mourn for any loss again.

Thank you for the reply, suggestions and recommendations.

I will actually consider a NAS like this for further backup and mirroring of all my files for now on.