Corrupted File

Loaded to fail with the error:
'Failed to parsethe XML file ‘/tmp/Renoise-214/Song.xml’

Does anyone know what this means, or, even better how to fix it? I’ve got a gig in 2 hours and one of the tracks I was practicing just corrupted! Please help!

Its my first gig, only 4 tracks to play and one of thems just destroyed itself. Its only a 15 min set, but I haven’t got too much material yet and losing a quarter of the set is a real pain in the bum!


Just incase anyone can help with this, I’ve stuck it online at



Sorry, I’m very new to this program… How do I extract song.xml?

Thanks again,


XRNS files are actually zipped folders. Use WinZip or WinRAR to extract their content.

(edit) and don’t forget to re-zip them again after you’d made changes to song.xml.

You sir, are a true gentleman. Thank you! I think you’ve just saved my evening!


Here is the fixed file:

The version number is 8 in Mac builds because of the PPC 24 bit hotfix in b6. So thats OK.

This must have happened while saving. Looks like either Renoise or a VST have overwritten some memory (the word “SplitMap”). Lets try to find out some more details about this later…

Damn. Bantai was faster…