Corrupted samples

I create song and I noticed some samples get corrupted at some point. The playback is messed up, especially at the beginning. If I save the instrument and load it in new project it plays fine. Has anyone experienced this?

It happened in Renoise 3.3.1 on MacOS Catalina.

I never had this issue (but I’m on PC)… By the way, you could maybe update to 3.3.2, there are some bug fixes, but I don’t know if this one is ever referenced.
At first sight, this make me think of a RAM issue, have you tried to look for faulty RAM hardware ? (it looks like it’s easy with apple diagnostics)

Memory was tested (memtest86+). And I updated to 3.2.2 in the meantime. The problem is the saved project is scrambled because as I mentioned if I save the corrupted instrument, then load it in new project, it works fine.

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can you share the song file where this always happens, or the ‘corrupted’ samples? What exactly do you mean with messed up playback? Does it always happen in a certain song and not in another one? Try to narrow down what could be the culprit.

Google Drive

Older version works fine newer is messed up. Compare BASS sample and AMEN Slice #04

Probably going to need a developer or engineer to look into this, or perhaps there is some documentation that can explain what the XML tag is referring to, but when comparing the song.xml of both new (bad) and old (good) songs …one difference is evident:


The ‘fixed’ instrument indicates ‘SelectedPresetIsModified’ = FALSE.