Decided to, for the first time ever, let one of my creations loose among the people. It’s a slow synthy song (think Moon Safari by Air and you’re there.)

Notice, however, that this is not a 100% finished song. I need help and suggestions on what to improve. Mainly the more quiet bridge part towards the end. Sounds way to bland as it is now. The soundmixing is probably horrible since I know nothing about that kind of stuff.
Also, I have some problems with the VST-instrument that never starts to sound until after the first couple of notes into the percussion part. Happens everytime I load this song or try to render it. Renoise or the VST, I don’t know.

Anyway, have a listen and you’re more than welcome to give me heaven or hell (as long as they are valid and constructive.)

This comment made me check your other two to see if you were a spambot. What the smudge are you on about here?

I think he’s talking about the magazine with the same name. I’m confused too though. I had to re-read the first sentence a couple of times and I still haven’t figured out the grammar there yet. Not a very good hook for the translation business he has a link for if you ask me.

Oh wait, maybe he thinks that the song is… naughty… dirty… makes him want to bake… ?

Ahh of course! Although the “As per my suggestion” bit at the start really threw me off and it’s far too early to be at work on a Bank Holiday!!! First sentence does look like a poor auto-translate effort from some web-translator so agree with it not being good advertising for his business.

Anyway just listening to your track (often don’t unless I can download and do in my leisure more easily and choose to keep it if I so wish but thought it would be rude not to after commenting in your thread) and see what you mean about it being quite air-esq. Only listening on laptop and headphones but mix does sound very thin. Not overly my thing, could do with more variation, fattening up of the sound (more parts/complexity especially subtle drums, bringing bass up a little, not personally overly keen on main pad sound, hi-hat variation sorely needed.) On second listening a better mix down would help quite a lot and I know this music is meant to be kinda chill and hypnotic but if the drums are going to be so repetitive they really do need a nice groove, rather than sounding so static.

Have also had problems with some VSTs not seeming to want to sound right or play at all for start of first pattern. If I jump forward in song they were usually fine from start of a later pattern strangely and made sure there was no automation or value changes that could be doing it. Usually just put a short dummy pattern at the start of the song (16 lines will probably do) and then either just leave it or trim after rendering.

i like it!

the chord loop is a bit too repetetive imo. you could take that rhodes lead to new places if you added a chord or did a bit of colouring! adding a bit of low pass fileter automation could work here too since it’s kind of saw-y.

there’s someting about that cabasa… it sounds kind of “laggy” to my ears. can’t explain it really. like a percussionist was playing behind the beat. i guess that’s just a matter of taste though. (=


First of all, it’s a nice chilly tune, well done.
The percussions could use a bit more “space” for my taste, some reverb might do the trick (try ambience, i like that one a lot).
Concerning that VST initialisation problem: i had the same with a synth called “foorious” (preset “smooth thing”). What worked for me: play back a pattern where the instrument is used until it sounds as it is supposed to be and -then- hit the render button. But kazakores dummy pattern trick should work as well, of course…

Thanks for the feedback, guys! Appreciate it! I’ll fiddle with the things you all suggested and see what I can come up with.

Well, the thing is, in Renoise the cabasa/shaker doesn’t sound that much at all. Somewhere between rendering and being uploaded to Soundcloud it suddenly felt lonely and wanted more attention I guess. But yeah, laggy, I agree. The actual sound is kinda slow and doesn’t sound exactly when triggered. It’s an instrument VST so I think I have to replace it with a sample that is… faster.


Hmmm, sounds pretty cool, but a little sparse. It felt like a ride cymbal playing on quarter notes might go down a treat and help keep things ticking along, or a cello playing a complementary role with the main synth riff or alternatively some violins, or both!