Could a Wet/Dry Rotary/Fader/Whatever be added to the Macro Controls of the Doofer

Would be good to have an additional control at the start of the Doofer Chain that is a Wet/Dry blend for the dry signal and wet signal as it is processed by the contents of the Doofer. I believe, with absolutely no experience of programming or anything of the like, that this would be easier than creating a whole new Parallel FX container.

Would be great. That is all.

Hi maybe you can put a sidechain send before the doofer, and this VST after it:

Then you might be able to blend dry/wet with the VST. Cannot test it, as I am on linux.


isn’t the code already written for this in the form of the instrument fx chains? I mean I don’t know the technical challenges/issues, but it seems like maybe most of the work is already done?
I just imagine how powerful it would be to have all of that possibility within a doofer (that we could also ideally get a modulation signal out of and have expandable macro banks)… probably dreamin’ :upside_down_face: But this would be a big up for renoise signal processing capability and would put it closer to on par with ableton effect racks. multiband & parallel everything

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