Could Anyone Recommend A Decent Drum Machine

Hey everyone could anyone recommend a good drum machine which is value for its money and one I will get lots of use from. I want to use it to make really fast breaks and beats and one which will be really useful to create fast breaks with listen to bit 4, Ziggomatic 17 and Vordhosbn well most of the drukqs album that type of fast programmed drums i want to try and create (with great difficulty) but think a decent drum machine may aid this. cheers guys would appreciate any further info

with some google browsing i came across this link which stated elsewhere was used on most of the drukqs album

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Just use Renoise. Tempo 400 Speed 3. Amen break. Loads of other drum samples.




Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII
Machinedrum SPS-1UW MKII

Despite what I said above, I’d love to own one of these. But I have other needs at the moment. Need to get a few reverbs and a patch bay (totally unrelated to the drum machine).
I dunno tho. I sure do love programming beats in renoise.


renoise is really a great drum machine, but if you want hardware, perhaps an akai mpc?

dont buy hardware (especially drum machine) unless you know what you are doing and you really need it. To create fast breaks you actually dont need drum machine at all! You need break samples, drum samples, sampler and sequencer. Just download some breaks sample pack and use renoise.

i want one to get away from the computer.

Inix, I don’t think a drum machine is what you need for this. What Weird Energy said is best. Use Renoise + breaks and one shot samples.

I’m not sure even Aphex uses drum machines that much nowadays. Not that it’s not possible to do what you ask for, but you’ll need a lot more than a single machine for this. A simple drum machine can’t offer so much tweakability. You’ll need lots of effects like delays, phasers, flangers, distortion, filters, etc, to achieve some more complex and original sound.

Perhaps a MachineDrum is the only one that packs all this nicely in a single unit. Judging by Aphex’s sound though, I guess he’s not using that.

The electribe samplers from Korg, es-1 and esx-1, are cheap, fast to work with and are pretty much like working with a tracker, though they are a bit limited compared to Renoise, but what drum machine or sampler isn’t?