Could You Advice Me A Vst Vocoder ?

Hello All :)

I am looking for some good VST Vocoders to make some kind of “Daft Punk style voices” !

Thank you

*Native instruments Vokator …costs some
*Orange vocoder

I only have the orange because the vokator is too expensive for the things I do with it.
The only bad thing about the orange vocoder is that you can’t control the notes.

mda talkbox (yes i know it not a vocoder… or is it ???)

Eiosis ELS vocoder is very good. Not free though.

Daftpunk use a talkbox, not a vocoder. Fundamental difference.

Best vocoder VST i used (in renoise mind you) is Starplugs vocoder. It’s just horribly mangly sounding, and easy to set up in renoise with sends. Lovely.

I’d suggest mda’s talkbox vst. It’s pretty much the best free talkbox plugin there is.

With talkbox you’ll need two separate sounds:

  • a carrier (any kind of sound: guitar, synth etc.)
  • a modulator (singing, speaking etc.)

A quick introduction to talkbox:

You play melodies/chords/whatsoever with a sound of your choice with e.g. a guitar or a synthesizer. Then you direct that sound through a plastic tube into your mouth, from which the sound will resonate outside your mouth. The idea is to mute your voice and talk/sing while the carrier signal is visiting your mouth. Depending on the size of your mouth, the shape of your throat, your pronunciation/articulation and the carrier sound, you’ll get a lovely robot sound.

The mda talkbox plugin needs two separate sounds, that are panned left and right (can’t remember which way it was, but e.g. you pan a synth sound to the left and a voice sample to the right.) Then the carrier sound takes the characters of the vocal audio and voilá, you’ve got yourself some mr roboto.

If you’ve got any questions concerning talkboxes, talkboxing and maybe even building yourself one, be free to contact me for I am sort of a talkbox enthusiastic meself.

…and yes, Daft Punk indeed uses a talkbox among other things.

The final outcome pretty much depends mostly on the carrier sound. I’m still searching for good carrier sounds. So far I’ve found these synths to be good platforms for such:
Korg MS2000
Yamaha DW-6000

And in case you decide to get yourself a real talkbox, you should try plugging an electric bass to the talkbox. My upcoming album has a lot of talkboxing in which I used a bass as a carrier sound.

Here’s a picture of the talkbox model I use (Rocktron Banshee):


I like Vocov a lot and it’s free:

Beatslaughter recommends a good one.

I’ve a TalkBox btw, an old Jim Dunlop one. It’s so damn fiddly that I hardly use it. You can get better sounds out of using a formant filter using automation.

Thank you all for your answers :)

I’m gonna try some demos of all to make a choice :walkman:

Yeah it’s great, only thing that sucks is that it screws up when you use different bpms, like change the BPM to make grooves.

6 speed
3 speed
6 speed
3 speed

Tried to use it in a reggae tune. Failed miserably.

Other than that, great vocoder.

yes you can , just don´t use the internal synth …use an external renoise instrument or any vsti as the carrier…and you can control the notes …took me a while to figure it out but it´s there

Haha, why didn’t you tell me before??

I made atune a looong time ago using the orange vocoder, i had to make one track for each note, each track had its own orange vocoder. it was hell i’ll tell you. took forever just to make some stupid vocoder melody. It was worth it, but if there’s a simpler method, orange vocoder is a better bet than the vocov, at least in my opinion.

Thanks for sharing, dl’ed it and liked it.

I did this too :P

I sort of like Vocov2. My problem is that the output-sample is looped no matter what sample I try. How I can set the looping off?

I also encountered this and searched all the parameters in the VST and didn’t find any option to turn it off. I used a ‘note off’ wherever I needed it to stop.

Thank you so mutch for kickin me in my butt.
figured it out to. :)

there is also a vst from the same developer called “vocvee” that you might try, though
if you use renoise 2, and know how to fiddle the vst alias stuff.