Count In Doesn't Occur When Renoise Is A Rewire Slave

count in doesn’t occur when renoise is a rewire slave…

(using renoise as a rewire slave to reaper OSX snow leopard)

If Renoise is a slave then its timeline will be controlled by the master host. So if you want some kind of count in behaviour, then surely you need to do this in the master which is controlling everything, and not in the slave.

Or do you mean something else?

Yeah, I’d agree if I initiate playback in the master. e.g. If I hit play within reaper, obviously I need to do this through the count-in settings of reaper.

But when I initiate playback within renoise, there should be a count-in prior to initiating playback. It’s not ideal to have to switch windows from renoise to reaper, initiate playback within reaper, just in order to get a count-in before I start adding the next part within renoise.