Coupla Tracks

First one, although called “The Jungle” doesn’t really have any jungle in it. Enjoy!

Second one - samples will be instantly recognizable to Renoisers who (like me) messed around w/the demo version for about 24 hours before realizing they HAD to own Renoise.

Hope ya’ll enjoy!

The Jungle has interesting patterns, surprising beginning and interesting end. The Stupid Sh*t sounds kindly, has interesting beginning, groove beat, but in the middle track transforms into the mountain stream, which shines with all the palette of colors. Tracks are perceived gentle, in certain places they are developed in an unexpected way, though they are later continued by elegant theme.

The First one: What I liked were the percussions and sound variations in the stereo. The old-school synth and piano I liked as well :slight_smile:

The second one: Much more musically developed and it is basically breathing in my ears. Great vocals!

@redpanda13 - Thanks m8! Really, do love the time and care you put into your responses. They are works of art in and of themselves - and it’s always such a pleasure to read how music translates itself in people’s minds. Xie Xie!

@Brain - ahh, thanks man! The first one was one of the first tracks I ever put together in Renoise - it’s interesting, took way longer than the second, but mainly b/c getting one’s head wrapped around Renoise can be slow going. Glad you enjoyed, and thanks so much for the comments!

haha that first track is mad. Enjoying the tempo switch up. great detail with the drums/percussion though. second one is cool though but maybe a bit cheesy and less memorable than the first.