Couple Ideas

first of all, once more, to everybody involved, great work, this is a great (beta) release already and I’ve already gotten used to the new letters etc. :D
Special mentions of some new stuff

  • Envelope/LFO editing: I am already asking myself what I was doing without this. YES
  • Exciter: no idea what it does exactly but it sounds friggin awesome.
  • sliding the scroll to off-view tracks is real sexy.
  • grouping, oh i didn’t mention it yet, well, it’s godlike.
  • I’ll still use the evil stutter to make stuff sound weird sometimes but Repeater: You rock.
  • Automatic renderfile naming, with BPM, Yes.
  • Simultaneous spectrum analysis, YES. native Spectogram, YES.
  • Section naming, looping, and dragging (!), very good.

Mostly wishlist stuff, haven’t been following the development so… I just got ideas from this beta :ph34r:
(Multitap) Delay:

  • Load “delay” presets into a tap
  • Stereo/Mono switch on delays

Mixer context menu:

  • Favorites list is sorted ‘wrong’, other way around?
  • Open external editor is greyed out on native stuff, I feel it could be left out the menu entirely


  • In some circumstance the ‘playhead’ in the sequencer is not accompanied by the ‘edithead’ even while follow is on: when (main view = mixer) and (lower view = dsp chain or song settings)


  • Keyboard shortcut and/or LUA bindings for cycling/changing the view

Pattern Sequencer:

  • Keep the sequence loop intact while adding or removing patterns (extend loop when adding inside loop, shove when adding/removing before…)

Pattern Editor:

  • When in a certain column and you press Caps while edit is off, it generates a note off signal for that column. Good. Can we have Backspace (for instance) generate a play backwards from current position?


  • Backup options; an option to not save backups while edit mode is on?

“Insert” tracks so that these become a ‘subroutine’, that one can call/insert from anywhere in sequencer tracks or even within a (multitap)delay’s feedback loop (a la Reason 6’s echo). Maybe for v3.0 :)