Couple New Tracks

So the Stream demoparty was once again this (last) weekend. I made tracks for both the listening and dance music compos.

Broken England: the listening music song is some lovely glitchy dub downtempo, quite satisfied with this one, got 3rd place with this.…/broken-england

Why?: Essentially pure techno taking elements from dub as well as acid techno, pretty banging assaulting. Ended up fourth in the dance music compo:

Both tracks made 99% in Renoise with mostly just samples and some freeware VST plugins.

i enjoyed listening to both of them. Broken England had a nice atmosphere, Why? was quite messy towards the end but i liked the overall dark, raw sound with the pad in the background (like at 2:10) and the acid melody at the end.

quite enjoyed the listen :)