Couple of 3.0 BETA issues

Hey… I messed around with the beta for a bit and ran into a few issues.

  • When importing old instrument files (RNI files without the X), you almost always get a filter assigned to them in the new instrument/sample editor where it should say “none”.

  • When attempting to automate VST instruments, some of their features aren’t listed while in the previous version of Renoise, they were. I had this happen to me with the Spire VST which all of a sudden only gave me 1/4th of the options available. Also, when you copy/paste an automation setting from the previous Renoise, you will be able to automate a slider but it won’t be listed properly: if I recall correctly, it simply said it was unassigned while in reality, it actually worked.

  • With that Spire VST, I’ve always had an issue in that whenever I want to automate it, it loses all settings in the actual VST. That might be a thing on the end of the VST makers though as I don’t have that with (most) of the other VSTs I use.

Other than that: great job. I really like the new implementations as they allow for a lot of pre-fiddling before even getting the samples into a track, saving a lot of time in the end.

If these issues have already been discovered, I apologize for the inconvenience - I didn’t have time to read through everything though.

Could you post a small example RNI file which demonstrates the problem?

Should be fixed in Beta 2 already. Latest beta is Beta 3.

If only Spire VST behaves like that this is quite likely, yes. Could you nevertheless give us a more concrete example and/or song which demonstrates this? If it’s a bug in the plugin it also doesn’t hurt to report this to reveal-sound?