Couple Of Meta Device Ideas..and Such...

1.) X Morpher. Could take a snapshot of whatever setup you wanted (i.e. controllable over several machines) and assigned to left slider position and a snapshot of same machines in different settings assigned to right side of slider. Moving slider back and forth morphs between both settings.

2.) Analog-ish Step Sequencer (ala Reason’s Matrix). Could have a couple of routable internal envelopes or ability to route an envelope to multiple settings. Triggered by note (possibly used as some sort of arpagiator too?!). Options could include slide note (if using internal sample) and accents which tell the unit to beef up parameter settings on that note on routed effects.

3.) Randomizer. Takes pattern notes and randomizes rhythm and order in which they are played, adjustable separately. Pattern commands would be rearranged as well. However, pattern would never visually change. Most advantageous in live situations.

4.) Probability Pattern Command. Set probability of affected note actually triggering…most advantageous in live situations.

5.) Pad Control. Sort of a Kaos Pad-ish type contraption with assignable effects and value ranges on an x/y controller. Optional usage would be to hold a key down and move mouse in x/y motion while holding a mouse button? Automation would be split into x and y envelopes.

Um yeah…I guess I’ve done my spiel for the day. I’m so needy…bah…


#1: fcuk yeah, fcuk yeah, f**** yeah. Since I have learned how to build completely different instruments using nothing but a sinewave and a DSP chain, I would be able to morph instruments at will with this.

#2: copy-pasting envelopes / custom LFO’s is sufficient for the moment. But I see why you want this. Makes “smart songs” easier to design for your live gigs.

#3: dBlue glitch VST (almost) does this, go get it.

#4: Hehehehe. Very naughty. Automatic variation. This could potentially pave the way for self-writing songs. Would go well with a “freeze probability to certainty” button. Even better if you have “switch off Track XX” and “switch on Track XX” commands to combine with it. You could duplicate the same pattern 99 times and have an ever-varying soundscape, and save using the “Freeze Uncertainties” toggle if you like it. Oh, and make that Freeze toggle undoable :)

#5. Get a joystick and use one of the many joy-to-midi-message utilities out there. Works great for X/Y type of stuff and frees up your mouse while you’re at it. You can have plenty fun with multiple ass-hacked joysticks (i.e. raw exposed knobs & that’s all :P)