Couple of tracks


Renoise user from Poland (since 2009). Im really interested in your opinion on my music - structure, mastering etc. (everything was composed, mixed and mastered in renoise).

tracks on bandcamp

tracks on soundcloud (different)


tracks on bandcamp

Love the rhythm of “Unhappy Carbon” and the drum breaks in 2nd part :slight_smile:

Mastering wise nothing to complain about “Unhappy Carbon” and “Tobacco”, where the sound of the first is my favorite - sounds very pleasant, present and differenciated to me.

“You have To Heal Me” sounds a bit “in the background”, and sometimes the stereo effect sounds weird, a bit artificial to me, e.g. the bass synth starting from 0:48. As if you would have used stereo-widening plugins or something?

Otherwise, good stuff :slight_smile:

Yeah, you are probably right about synth you mentioned (it is too wide). Thanks for your opinion!:slight_smile: