Cover Art ?


I have again a little idea :
Can any1 add Coverart to the Songinfo ?
I think about a JPG,GIF of what ever fileformat Picture that will be Displayed together with the Songinfo (and schould be Saved within the Renoise Song. if you know Reason, u know what i´m talking about :slight_smile:

Should be not the Problem i think…

How about a song comments TAB in the main window!? ^_^

I think having a pic makes sense if songs would be shared on the net accompanying some text blurp promoting your work, but for personal use I wouldn’t add a pic or bloat to songs, have never used the song comment window outside compo’s.

I think for reason sharing songs is easier because everything is self-contained within the program, no external plugins. I don’t mind this feature request though, but would put it at the very bottom of the to-do list :wink:

Couldn’t the whole thing might be scriptable one day? Saving stuff along with the song is all that seems to be required…

yeah, but lets say a script could render the song, convert it to mp3 and add the pic? :D

Yesssss !
Thanx, you have understand what i mean :slight_smile:
If the renderer will output MP3 in the future, the album cover art can be added this way.


I am in the process of scripting a super-charged version of the current comment box.

If people give me suggestions about what they want, I will try to include them.


YEAH!! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: