(Cover)Chris Isaak - Wicked Game By PanosK

I felt like making a cover so i did :smiley:


That’s really good! Nice vocals.

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Covers are good practice for the voice.Thanks for listening

Cover pleasant to hear and nice vocals yes! Fitting with the light arrangements.

Sure that making covers is a good exercise, and could done interesting results so!

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Thanks Fabrice

Yea agreed, very nice vocals :clap:

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Thanks Matt

Well, you took a good risk choosing this song… But the result is impressive! Great feeling, simple and profound.

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Thanks friend

Great! Now some electronic sounds and a little bit less reverb. :slight_smile:

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Cant find inspiration for composing so i do some covers instead until inspiration strikes again

Beautiful !! Good Work !! Thx !!

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Very good! First song I hear from you, and I’m not disappoínted. You sing, do you also play the guitar? In Renoise? Fascinating. I probably wouldn’t know how to handle this (but it doesn’t bother me, I can’t play on a guitar anyway :wink:), it’s cool. Your version of Wicked Game is now my fourth favorite.

Number 1 by HIM
Number 2 the Original by Chris Isaak
Number 3 by London Grammar
Number 4 by PanosK

Quite good. Hope not getting chunked because it’s not number 1. :wink:

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Thanks and i am glad you liked it and the guitar is from a you tube video karaoke

Impressive! Your voice is really similar but has a more modern feel :wink:

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Well done my friend. I like the Vocals too :+1:

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Thanks you guys i guess i am gone make some more covers given the good feedback i ve been getting

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NIce one @stoiximan, you have a good voice! Would be cool to hear a version where you keep your vocal track, but instead of the guitar make some wicked electronica stuff in Renoise as the backing track :sunglasses:

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Interesting idea you have there,who knows maybe I will but I am the kind of person that must be inspired but something to make music. But you have given me something to think about so thanks.

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Probably something like this would fit:

Or you can go more into Dark Wave like this:

But I think the best fit would be something like this:

However, I think the emphasis should be on the lows in your voice, not on the highs.
I’m pretty sure you’ll figure something out which will be satisfying. :wink: