Cow Abductions

Can’t believe they actually registered a domain for this:

I believe.

i’m 101% sure that earth is not the only place in universe to have life and intelligent life, but i dont think that aliens abduct our cows :) and i dont belive that extraterrestrials have visited earth

Maybe there ARE aliens who abduct cows just to mess with our heads and make some poor cow owners look like idiots when they loose their cattle?

Maybe there isn’t even an earth as we know it, it’s all some sick conspiracy by a higher race and their boss named God?

I mean, all these theories… They all make sense, and they’re all just plain crazy. Why believe in one in stead of the other? It’s all about who explains it more convincingly, as we don’t know much for sure anything and everythings possible. We can’t blindly believe in much, but way too many do just that.

everybody knows cows are infact aliens, they just drive home when their mission on earth is completed.

Speaking of cows the cow who escaped from the slaugther house a month ago I acctually think that cow is the equallent of a cow einstein.

Or is it aliens who have made that cow smarter B)

you didnt expect that only humans will get smarter during evolution… :)

cool story!
but why is it that cows need to show superpowers in order to gain a right to live?

lol sagosen u got some fancy avatar :D