CPU : 99.9% on my projects overnight

Hi, so this is not a specific problem to Renoise, it happens on Cubase and Traktor too but maybe somebody here will have a clue (all configuration below) and I use quite a lot of plugins on my projects but everything was fine until suddenly (literallyovernight)
I can’t even load 3 plugins and the asio load is full in both softwares.

I changed the buffer size from 512 to 2048, tried to update my drivers, double checked my RAM with a memtest, I tried with an old M-audio delta soundcard, I checked for errors and made a defragmentation of my HD where I store my projects and I even try to open a new project on my SSD (where my OS and plugins are installed) and I reinstalled my DAWs and plugins but it’s still the same.
And finally, I just did a format and reinstalled Windows and all the drivers… It’s still the same. :unsure:
I have to admit I’m out of ideas, if anyone has a clue of what’s happening. rock.gif

Configuration : Win 7 professional x64
AMD FX 8350 eight core 4.00 GHz
SoundcardOnyx Blackbird
16Go Ram

Cubase 5.1 (32 bits)
Renoise 3.1.0 (32 bits)

On your projects overnight?

Does not this happen to you during the day?

If this is so, is it possible that the cause is that Windows 7 has some task scheduled during the night , which demands a lot of process?

That process of 99.99% comes from the Renoise exe? Have you checked this from the Windows task manager?

Windows can do scheduled tasks by default during the night. Maybe it has something to do…

The simplest thing is to open the task manager of Windows 7 and find out which executable is the cause of so much CPU demand.

It only happens to you with audio programs?Do you have a very high sampling frequency, higher than 48000?

Check cpu power profile in Windows’ energy options and set it to desktop/workstation.

check taskmanager to see if windows is updating in the background …

Someone else mentioned the same sort of problem , might be related to spectre/meltdown .bug/update patch …but then we would see more cpu perf. related reports on the forum , .which is not the case

Raul (ulneiz)

Overnight means from one day to another =) It’s not only during night =)
It’s the CPU inside Renoise and asio load in cubase that are 100%[background=#f0f0ed]Windows task manager[/background]tells me UC is 34% and memory 50%…
I’m on 44.1kHz

Thank you.


Yeah, I tried to change the cpu power in advanced parameters to 100% min and max, no change…

Someone else mentioned the same sort of problem

That would be this topic, I think


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Oh yeah, sorry for that, I think it’s because I clicked "More reply options… I don’t really know how that happen.

Thank you very much =)

That would be this topic, I think


Yeah it sounds exactly like it!

Gonna read this fully.

Thank you so much! I feel less alone!

Ok, I’m joining the other thread, I’ve tried everything suggested over there.

Should I close this one?

So as far as I went, I found a software that helps with knowing audio streaming capacity :


and this thread on the microsoft forum :


It seems this has something to do with dgxkrnl.sys and probably Nvidia 3d drivers…

I format and reinstalled windows a last time without the updates, everything is the same.

I found that disabling CPU throtling and using 32 bit vst’s with jbridge in Renoise 3.1 64 bit decreased a bit CPU usage… but I’ll just remember the days when I had 30 waves audio vsts and 15 arturia synths on the same project with nostalgia…

I hope this can help.