Cpu-Hog Stats

would be splendid to see what exactly is making renoise eat up 129% of my cpu power. track per track, vst per vst, au per au, renoise native effect / vst effect / au effect per (that_big_list).

I would support this. I have a track that drops out periodically while I am playing it in real time and I don’t know what the culprit is. Fortunately, rendering it works, but I’d still like to be able to fix what prevents me from smoothly playing it in real time.

can’t this stuff be figured out by just disabling instruments/tracks one by one? and remember the Master Track, in case you put some kind of hi-LPB command in there for some reason, this can cause pretty high CPU as well (happened to me once :slight_smile:

I think Rhowaldt has the nicer idea . I think these stats would eat up some cpu too and that would be a shame : )
At some point you have sorted out your chosen weapons vst/vsti wise and know what is heavy for your cpu ,
this is the case for me though .

why would they eat up cpu if they’re not in use unless if they’re in use…
and going through 60 different plugins in a song that maxes out the cpu one by one is not a solution at all.