CPU Intensive

What is the most CPU intensive VSTi that you own?

Mine is that Native Instruments plugin called Razor. It’s an additive synth that devours your CPU without mercy. The worst part is that it’s not even that high of a quality synth, compared to similar CPU hogs like Omnisphere or Diva.

IIRC it is the u-he Tyrrell N6.

Actually, gotta be honest with you, u-he Diva and Dmitry Sches’ synth Diversion win my vote. They are CPU hoarders, and I vote them each about the same as far as usage (with the assumption that the oversampling is at it’s highest setting when using Diversion).

So far, Greenoak’s Crystal VST rules them all…

Yesterday I tried fxpansion Tremor. Before I thought u-he Diva is top scored eating my cpu power…

yes tremor is a cpu- hog. but i guess the reason for this is some coding issue. maybe even denormalisation- issues.
the plugin gives huge cpu spikes when stopping and playing the host.

i have some reaktor patches from the user library that have ~80% on a new cpu.
iirc tassman 4 by a.a.s. is also a bit mre intensive.

oh and there is a spectral effect toolbox. that can get very hungry. but cant remember the name right now.

idunno what’s up with fxpansion … i have the issue with geist. C’mon man, it’s not even doing synthesis and it eats massive chunks of cpu cycles. The effects don’t sound that good…

Tremor sounds a bit ridiculous. For now I’ll stick to microtonic and drum synthesis in zebralette…