Cpu Load Indicator Not Working In 1.9.1?

Correct me if im wrong but am I the only person thats noticed the CPU load indicator at the top right of renoise window isnt working correctly any more ??
Frequently says im using 00% of cpu when i have a song with 8+ vsti’s running with samples !?!? it fluctuates between 0% and 10% even i know this isnt a true reading !!
anyone else ??

i have an intel e6700 dual core and my friend has a quadcore q6600 were both experiencing the same strange happenings !!! otherwise all is good ;)

What does the system monitor says about CPU readings?
Renoise only measures the audio usage, none of the other system processes are incalculated, 0 to 10% may seem a little low.
Though sampler VSTI’s don’t eat as much resources as synth vsti’s.
When using plain samples, i have cpu resource utility of 0.1 to 1% on my quadcore.
Same is when using VSampler and the EWQL Kompakt sample library vsti.

I’ve done the same test but also adding crystal synth for instance to make cpu metering more obvious because i know crystal really consumes obvious cpu resources. It either seems Renoise runs pretty stable with a quad or dual core.
When adding synths the cpu meter still goes up more obviously but i did not really managed to stress my cpu yet which would result in getting audio to crackle or to stutter and this part is a better sign to use and assure the cpu metering may not be correct.

So try to stress out the cpu by adding a few extensively CPU abusing synth vsti plugins and see if the resource usage causes crackling or audio stuttering at an unreasonable level.
Stuttering beneath 40/50% without having running any other application and on a fully optimized platform is imho unacceptable if you have a very good quality soundcard or not running ASIO drivers like ASIO4ALL.

i have to say your absolutely right, renoise seems to be able to handle lots of very ‘expensive’ vst effects and instruments simultaneously , well done !!! got the usage up to 50% and got bored of adding effects lol! :walkman: :walkman: :walkman:

So does the CPU meter in Renoise show roughly about the same CPU usage as the taskmanager, aka is everything alright?

Yes everything is ok , i must have been shocked as too how much LESS renoise 1.9.1 uses the CPU compared to 1.9 final !
Some songs dont even stress the cpu (stays at 00%) !! in the previous build cpu usage is much higher agreed ?
Im very impressed ! some serious optimizations done there ! well done Taktik

Theres no problem !

No, actually the CPU usage indicator can be a little bit “rough” with some CPUs, where we can not use a high precision timer. Your system must be such a system.

Gets the CPU indicator more precise when you choose a bigger ASIO buffer?

Could you take a look into the log file (you’ll find it at x:\Documents and Settings%username%\Application Data\Renoise%renoiseversion%), if there is either a line:

“Timer: Seems safe to use the ‘QueryPerformance’ counters…”


“Timer: Can’t use ‘QueryPerformance’ counters. Falling back to a low resolution timer…”

I get this with my quadcore:
Timer: Can’t use ‘QueryPerformance’ counters. Falling back to a low resolution timer…

It is at least consistent, i don’t see any instance of the other line.

ok checked log files for both 1.9.0 and 1.9.1
ive got “Timer: Can’t use ‘QueryPerformance’ counters. Falling back to a low resolution timer” messages appearing frequently in the 1.9.1 log and neither of the “QueryPerformance” messages appearing at all in the 1.9.0 log , any help ?

This is new in 1.9.1, so everything is fine.
Which ASIO buffer sizes do you use? Have you tried if increasing the buffer sizes gives “better” results? Which is your default ASIO buffer size.

This also means a performance improvement in general (less audio stuttering)

I ve got more or less the same problem …When I load just one vsti and nothing else …( vember audio surge for example )…the cpu readout of the instrument is always higher than the globhal cpu readout …