Cpu Meter On Cpu Fx

Not a big suggestion but I would find it useful if there was a CPU meter on each of the DSP fx (VST and native) UI’s. The same as is shown for VSTi’s now under instrument settings.

edit: title should read ‘CPU meter on VST fx’. Must be getting tired! :rolleyes:

An addition to this if possible: It would be good if renoise could display the RAM being occupied by certain VST fx and instruments.

i was just about to suggest the same thing, but did a search beforehand and found this thread.

VST FX plugins occupy the most CPU resources in my productions nowadays and it’s sometimes quite complicated to find out which plugin actually stresses the CPU most.
the only way this can be done at the moment, is to disable each VST plugin manually and watch the overall CPU usage in the upper right corner decrease - the resultant difference is of course the individual VST plugin CPU usage.
this method however, is very time consuming and also pretty imprecise, because overall CPU usage fluctuates a lot and takes its time to adept to the actual load.
a little numeric display, like with VSTi, in every VST FX’s slot would already do wonders.
an extra table with an overview of every included VST instance (FX + Instrument) would be a DREAM! :rolleyes:
such a table could be implemented in the lower menu, right next to the “Configs” tab, so there would be plenty of space.

Memturbo does a great job in global memory monitoring.
It is sufficient for me to know if memory usage is dimmishing by loading up huge VSTI libraries.

@ Keith303

Nice idea about the table!

@ vvoois

Thanks for the tip, I will take a look at that.

about RAM consuming with large sample libraries:

finally Kontakt2 has a sample pool, which can be used to remove unused samples from memory: just play the whole song, and press the “purge” button to remove the samples which were not used. Of course this can be updated at any time if you need some samples which have been removed.

A very simple idea which has been finally implemented in Kontakt2, with massive RAM occupancy reduction

IMHO, I don’t think that’s very important. But I could see the use of it, indeed.

I pick the VSTs/VSTIs for what they do, not for how much CPU they use. And you can quickly learn which VSTs are likely to consume more. I’m also used to have SpeedSwitchXP in my tray, so I always see the CPU load and speed.

I’d opt for the table, a “task manager” inside Renoise. That’d be nice and not too invasive. Maybe also with the function that when you click on a VST in this table, the VST GUI shows up.

you do? well i don’t, because i can’t afford using (for example) a reverb utilizing 15% of my overall CPU resources.
if i happen to see this, the respective plugin might merely be used for post processing, but nothing else.
quite a lot VSTs are also consuming variable amount of resources depending on their paramater settings.
if the CPU load peaks whilst working on a track, i’d could easily spot the most CPU consuming VST and temporarily alter its parameters (less reverb decay or whatever) or disable it entirely, until being ready for rendering.
but in order to do so, i need the information about which VST actually is the CPU hog.

not trying to convince you or something, just clarifying my point and the importance (at least to me, personally) ;)

Well… mostly… :D

It’s just that I know by heart which VSTs use a lot of CPU, so I just don’t use them always for tracking. Just as I don’t use VSTs with latency inside Renoise.

But I see what you’re saying. Actually, as I said, I’d find the ‘table’ useful.
Just not ‘that’ important.