CPU Overflow with a BPM of 400 & LPB 256


There is a new speed application in renoise 2.0. But when i put the speed to 400 and the ticks to 256 there is an errormessage. It says that it could not function. Because an overload. It is not that my computer is not able to perform at such a speed, because my pc has calculating power enough, i use my pc for calculating phylogenetic trees, and also phylogenetic analysis (i am a biologist and wtih other words, calculating power enough). But is this the right angle? Or do i have to look at my soundcardmemory?


A LPB of 256 creates a massive CPU overhead. A Line in the pattern grid comes close to the sample rate resolution in such cases, so no wonder that this is slow.

The question is why you need a LPB of 256?

Should we limit the LPB settings so that no ones tries to use such LPBs?

in my opinion the user should be smart enough to prevent this. also, to reduce CPU load, he could also use F2xx in order to reduce the number of ticks per line. if he is really using LPB 256, there are “chances” that one tick per line (F201) will be enough for him…

What if the user accidentally changes the settings, not noticing before playing the song, and crashing the DAW, and losing their hard work? I’d say there should be a safeguard of some sort to prevent this from happening.

the safeguard is called crash recovery, I think :)

Oh another pseudonym from Frazzbass?? :yeah:

-1, nevar! Hardware will improve and the “problem” will vanish. (Now that I mention it… You need to maximize everything, quickly… before the future arrives!!!11@#)

Renoise doesn’t crash when the CPU overloads, it just stops (unless you turn that off in the prefs of course), right?

High CPU usage doesn’t lead to crashes. “Freezes” are avoided by the auto panic thing we have.

I had to turn that off personally… it was killing some of my songs mid-play when Renoise wasn’t lagging yet.

I have it off also… but I get teh CPU overload all the time (I aim at rendering, not at playing it in Renoise), and that never seems to lead to crashes, so… the answer to the thread starter is turn off overload protection and blast away at 256 LPB :blink:

can you play crysis on high settings?

Can you calculate phylogenetic trees, and also phylogenetic analysis? Also, can It-Alien play the tuba? Questions, questions…

I was only testing the capacity of the LPB in renoise!! Or is this not what you asked for searching bugs? I do not need 256 LPB, in fact what is the use of 256 LPB, and when it is been used, it always results into an CPU overload?

A phylogenetic analysis results into a phylogenetic tree, so yes. I can. :D

The stuff does lots of realtime calculations, so I am not surprised if it runs out of CPU. There are many bottlenecks that might cause the problem. But generally you never need to make renoise scroll that fast. Just like you don’t need to drive most cars faster than 120 km/h, but it doesn’t mean it has to be artificially limited, in case you sometimes do need to make it scroll faster. I think it’s somewhat good that you can make it scroll faster than your computer can handle. :P

I doubt computing polygenetic trees requires lots of realtime computing capability and calculating this kind of trees feels to be a good thing for parallel processing.

well I have tried LPB 256 in Renoise some weeks ago just to show to another user that he can obtain the insane pattern speed he claimed to need, and I did not get any CPU overloading or crashes.

I don’t think that this can be called a bug if the problem is that your PC is not capable of running Renoise at the maximum speed available. Renoise needs realtime processing, so it can do everything “in time”, so that’s why “enough power” could not just be “enough” at times.

there are also other tools which can help you avoiding CPU overload in such cases, such as reducing the number of frames per second in Edit => Preferences => GUI section.

in case you think so, I’m not questioning or quarrelling: you obviously are doing us a favour when reporting a problem and I appreciate your effort, but a bug is a malfunction, and in my opinion this is not a bug.

ok thx

As IT said: Of course we happy about any report. We just have to sort out at the end what needs to be fixed and what not. So please do not stop reporting issues if you find them…