CPU questions (panic and startup state)

I’m just curious. sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d like to ask why when you load a project the song appears to use relatively very high CPU usage (in my test case 70%) when merely just loaded, a reset/panic by right-click the stop button makes it fall back to ~3%. Why isn’t Renoise started in this panicked/low CPU usage state?

I have a song that reaches max-CPU threshold and Renoise are supposedly doing a panic reset automatically but when it happens it stays high and only fall to around 60%, isn’t it supposed to go to ~3%? is it doing some form of mild panic?

Lastly we all know Renoise CPU usage percentage does not correspond very precisely to the numbers in Win10/Resource Monitor, I wish it made sense because looking at all the CPU cores make you think it’s currently a very inefficient state of affairs for multithreaded applications… Can I ask how Renoise calculate the CPU usage number? (see uploaded image)