Cpu usage limit

Ok i loaded a regular multisample instrument pad( mfm_padsynth_01) from the download section of this website and i’m unable to use it because whenever i play a chord renoise stutters and cpu usage goes insane . I ‘ m on win7 and running a very decent cpu(i7)
Have to say i have no problem with any daw here , what ever i do

What are your soundcard buffer settings? Does increasing it help?

I happened to have a copy of this instrument. Loaded it up, seems like I could replicate this insane CPU usage on an Intel QX9300 2.53GHz (overclocked to 2.8GHz) with just 8GB of ram (Renoise loads all samples into RAM).

Couple of things:

  1. each note-on event triggers all 8 samples in the instrument. So, if you play a chord (3-tone) you are triggering 24 samples.

  2. The Interpolation oversampling is enabled on each sample. This is the primary culprit from what I can tell. You generally only use this option on single-cycle waveforms to help smooth them out a smidge.

You basically have an instrument playing 8 over-sampled samples every note.

If you select all of the samples in the Instrument tab and disable the interpolation, CPU usage drops to about a quarter of the amount. Maybe try this if you want to use this instrument. I couldn’t hear an audible difference with this disabled in this scenario.

Disabling interpolation oversampling helped.