CPU usage with VSTs

I open RENOISE with a song with lots of VSTs and without hitting play CPU usage goes up to ~40%. After sending midi off to all plugins usage goes down to 2% or so. Is this normal? I’m on 3.2.1b1 and it also happens with 3.2.1 stable in Linux.

I had similar problem and I think what happens is when you save a song make sure no audio is playing.Hit the stop button twise before saving.Also the problem might be some 32bit plugins don’t behave good with Renoise 64 bit.

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Thanks, I’ll try this. I only use 64bit plugins (Repro-1 is causing this)

Not the case. I think it has something to do with Repro-1. When I load the song there’s some bass already playing in Repro-1 which is not audible. When I send note off it stops:


Same here on tone2 firebird and the great crystal vst.Oh well glad you found the problem

I didn’t find the problem. Don’t know if it is normal for Repro … I asked at KVR.

Is multicore in Repro activated?

There’s also coming sound of it when you start the project?

I don’t see it. Does Repro-1 have multicore support?

Ups, I overread you do not use Repro-5. Then please go on.

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I do, but not in that case :smiley:

Some times yes.I think is mostly the plugins fault not Renoise

It was because of the activated drone mode in the Repro-1 settings. Urs replied at kvr.
CPU usage is not related, that’s just normal I guess.

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