Hi everyone,

Was wonder if people are experiencing relatively high CPU consumption from Re-noise? One instance of Cakewalk rapture is using up to 10% CPU supposedly?

I have bought a new P.C

Processor: AMD FX-8350 8x Ghz4.00
Motherboard: ASUS M5A
RAM 16GB Corsiar vengeance
Soundcard: VIRUS T.I
Windows 7 64
Renoise 3.00

CPU consummation does seem to be high in other Daws also.

Hope it’s not the processor, hearing AMD bulldozer is actually quite crappy in some respects? But surely it’s better than this lol? Maybe settings with the driver?

Thanks for any assistance.

From Renoise or from Rapture?
Try to open 10 instances of Rapture, then you will see power of your cpu and your cores much better…

Thanks for the reply. Your kind of right here.

It says it’s taking up 25% in Re-noise. But the Task Manager says about 10-12%. Maybe Renoise isn’t quite optimized quite yet?

The CPU meter you see in Task Manager is measured directly by the system, and will always be the most accurate reading.

The CPU meter in Renoise is only measuring audio thread usage, and its accuracy can be somewhat affected by various different factors (energy saving, speedstep/turbo, etc), which you can read about here:

Also, some notes on multi-core usage: