More Accurate Cpu Usage Measure

Just downloaded this nice synth and realized Renoise calculates very inaccurate CPU usage. According to Renoise some of presets of the synth takes up to 43% of C2Q Q8300, whereas windows tast manager shows 6-10%. CPU usage meter is inaccurate in general, not just with the synth.

Also I’ve got a suggestion an option to show per DSP track CPU usage meter in the mixer view. There is a lot space to put a couple of numbers. No mockup this time.

Renoise only picks the calculation of the audio usage.
Taktik explained this somewhere in the past where there is a difference between the taskmanager CPU output and Renoise it’s output (not all resources are available to Renoise and Renoise itself also reserves some resources for other purposes leaving a smaller sum of CPU resources for audio and from that smaller sum, you get to see the current usage)

I often wondered how Renoise calculates CPU usage.
On my Mac in Activity Monitor the numbers always differ from Renoises. Needs improvement

And it would be great if I could view all cpu consumptions from DSPs and locate that greedy fat-ass chap. :)
F.e. I’m often too lazy and just throw in Ohmboyz instead of playing around with the built-in delay, just sometimes that makes a big difference and usually up in the end when mastering, I find myself removing those plugins.

+1 from me for DSP CPU monitors.

Yeah, I thought about it. But still it’s uncomfortable. Would much more better to see actual overall CPU usage. Or make it optional. Current numbers looks very abstract that makes you searching what DSP or synth taking so much.

CPU usage measured per DSP and VST fx would also be a nice option to have as monitoring option (yes option because i only would use that to find a CPU consuming plugin when i need it else the measure algorithm also snoops of valuable CPU)

it is possible to see those numbers in the instrument panel at the bottom of the screen… in the new beta’s i get a percentage given there which changes when i change presets within the plugin…

i had the same when i first playtested my new computer. i have a 6-core amd phenomII running at 2,8 ghz and i loaded up as much fxpansion dcam synths as i could.

the first plugin took upto 29 % and all next plugins that i loaded in (so actually new versions instead of aliases) just added a couple of percents per plugin… even if i loaded the exact same preset that gave the initial 29 % claim on the cpu. eventually i was able to load up to 22 dcam synths before maxing out…

i just figured that it first shows the percentage of the first cpu till that one maxes out and after it started using the other cores it showed the average of all cpu’s but maybe that was a bit simple thinking of me ;)

Main difference between Renoises CPU meter and the task manager is:

  • our CPU meter ONLY shows the audio CPU usage and ignores all the rest (which is exactly what we want)
  • our CPU can’t deal with throttled CPUs, CPU energy saving, dynamic frequency scaling, while the taskmanager can.

CPU throttling is an evil thing for realtime audio apps in general. Usually the system can’t crank up the frequency fast enough if you quickly need it (start playing a synth which suddenly usesdemands a lot of your CPU). So you’ll end up in crackles soon or later, even though your system is fast enough to deal with this.

Probably we should try to find out if dynamic frequency scaling is enabled, and warn about this on startup. Definitely will be a hard thing to support in our CPU meters.