Crack 4 Renoise!

Ban me if you want, mods, but i’ll put it succinctly: f**** you, billy.

There is no software out there that
a) treats its users well and LISTENS to them
b ) is honest about its software
c) is honest about its price (look at fruityloops if you want a f****ed up pricing scheme that does not respect its userbase)
d) gives us an inexpensive solution that is the best in its realm. $45 is the cost of what, a week’s worth of food? a tenth of your rent? four hours of work?

You’re a f****ing dipshit if you think it’s too expensive.

edited to add: I don’t think it’s the truth when it’s said, like on this site, that those programs (ft2…) stopped developing coz of lack of financial support from users. I think programmers, with time, got less involved in it, coz the time and/or the passion weren’t there anymore. And so it goes.
Users too, sometimes, evolve, and go to other things.

You’re an idiot. Plain and simple.

When you do work and get paid for it, would you stop working on it, especially when it becomes a strong enough program for it to become your job?

f**** off. It’s classy that you’re anonymous.

You may think whatever you want to think, but to make your point very simple:

No matter if a product is free or being charged, the people that creat the products have a real life too.
And there are tons of hours that go into producing that stuff and ordinary workers get the rate of money on hourly basis, Renoise costs.

The matter is, the amount of money the product brings up (wether it is voluntary or sharware based) determines the flow of development on the program.
And the less that will be, the more that other life of those developers become important.

If developers get no charges at all, the risk is higher developers will say someday:“I’ve grown out of this, time to move on kids, i had a wonderfull time and be happy with the absolute final version for the rest of your lives, see ya!”

It’s your own strategy to choose the software you think is going to remain developed for a long time and in the end this will always involve some sort of financial support. (Well, i shall not include Kizzume’s bad 40 bucks example, they unfortunately exists)

I think renoise free version offers you enough and even more to enjoy yourself…

that Billy is clearly a flamer troll, so I suggest you not to fall into his trap of provoking: he clearly fails into contradiction, because I don’t think he had his hardware, internet connection and food for free, but he still wants not to pay 45$ for a software…

About piracy:
I think that some % of warez people is unavoidable: there is really no pay program which has no warez users: me myself have tried lots of softwares by using pirated software, expecially after having spent lots of money for softwares I don’t really use.

The best we can do to keep this % low is to keep the community spirit, improve the software, and keep the price low.

well… if 1500 people registered at $45 that is $67,500.

But think. that’s not that much. especially considering it’s been 4 years in development. There’s more than just taktik and pulsar. Considering Germany has very high taxes and super high standard of living, that sucks. (How is taktik going to drive the new M3 with such little money?)


Everyone’s personal life is more interesting than that of others.
And if for Renoise dev-team this would not regard Renoise anymore, then it will be end of Renoise development.

Besides, if you register, you don’t register the program, you register some excluded features.

I find it a weak excuse in this case you prefer a crack above registering the application for the only two extra options you gain, the program is fully functional, for what would you need rendering to wav? You want your friends to listen to your production? Well, invite them to come over to your house, or let them download the free copy of Renoise and send them your RNS songs in.
Or use some audio-recorder that records your wave-mapper output (Like Audition, which also costs money) or try Toby Bear’s recorder VST-plugin.
Do mind the last solutions require your song to run without crackles since they would be recorded as well. But it’s a cheap (and in Toby bear’s plugin-case: free ) solution.

If you can’t pay the amount now, then just save like anyone else.
It’s not a 30 day trial you’re dealing with for chrissakes.

It’s not only for him, it’s for anyone else who shares a same-like opinion.
And that is the last thing i want to add to it. (case closed)

Billy… Nobody forbids you from using fast tracker or pro tracker… for free…
Go ahead… But that doesn’t mean that Renoise should be free also…

Things were little different back then. Tracking was purely for fun, an alternative way to easily compose some music with just a computer and some samples.

Well, things are evolved and Renoise is much more complicated and has a lot more features/possibilities than trackers from the past and you are not limited to making music just for “fun” or just to play around…

For example you can also write to Steinberg or Cakewalk and say, why you have to pay so much to just have fun with their programs…

Hi out there.

Here are the rules of the real world (surprisingly)

a) if a product gets cracked, it is starting to be known and a crack is many times in the real world a really good marketing-effect.

B) in the real world, its so that a crack brings new customers (surprisingly, but its the reality) if you have no mega-company like m$ or Macro…a.

c) everyone has the right to sell his software and to make money to pay bills. This is the reality, too. Its impossible to make every product free of charge, because you can not get your food for free in a shop.

d) Don´t get nervous. No panik.

e) Watch out your website-statistics and you will see more traffic as before.

f) a real user who likes renoise, will register. This is the reality, too.

g) If you need a real copy-protection thats currently the best available on the market, then you may look at (armadillo) and you have a chance to make your program nearly unbreakable for all the newbie-crackerz outside. Armadillo is known to be the hardest copy protection available today.

h) it is no secret, whatever your copy-protection mechanism is, that a lot of small software-vendors are spreading around serials and other things for marketing-purposes. It is the reality that a lot of people evaluating (!) software only if they have a crack for it. Dont ask me why, I don´t know.

i) whatever you do, if someone really wants to spread your app, he can do. Accept the reality, life with it and use it for your advantages.

X-ITEC IT-Consulting

Taktik’s sense of relativity vs a few crack-pot kiddies.
I would just keep my mind on what is the goal rather than heading for those that draws away your attention.

Coding hours on a protection system means you are busy with features that do not really add to the core functionality of the product you are using (which is tracking) thus wasting time.

I read some article about piracy on another music-forum (where the groupbuys were announced as well)
It had a lot of good points to think over.
The general point was that witch-hunting is useless and timewasting.

Billy <_<

quit complaining, With the Free version of Renoise, you can still save .RNS files and track all day.

Renoise Pro version offers WAV export as it’s main feature. Plus, the developers listen more to Pro user’s suggestions because the developers are proud to have a product that competes on a professional level. This is smart, but I think it overlooks the ‘newbies’ that may become potential customers.

If you don’t like Renoise Free version, then you wouldn’t like AeroStudio which is ‘save-disabled’ and costs $99. If you want free you can get Skale, its very FT2, I think you should do that.

Also billy, You mentioned Blender3D is open source. My work offered me 3Dmax and I said “no, I have blender”. big mistake. 3DMax is $2500 because it’s better.

Bantai - Interesting Impulse Tracker article. It just reminds me, that we should really thank the people who make our ‘scene’ possible. (thanks Taktik, Yannick, Arguru, Bak, Triton and especially Psi !!!)

Ft2 you think it was good?

So why don’t you still use it, it does still exist, and it is still free!

I´ll tell you why you don’t use it because, once you used Renoise you don’t want to go back!

Because there are a lot of features you would miss in FT2!
Like vst’s vsti’s.

Don’t you think it was sad that they stopped developing FT2?
Can’t you see how good Ft2 would have been if they continued to develop it?

Why do you think they abandoned it?
The answer is simple they did not make any money out of developing it!

You say…

“Lamer, the world of “computer freaks”, and all that “demoscene” stuff, worked pretty well without the “work = money” idea until lately.”

Worked is the right word! Because as you can see it no longer works!

It worked for a while, while the people who made the programs was in school, as soon as they left school they had to start earning money to pay bills.

That why they stopped!

Lets imagine that FT2 is the only good tracker software right now, there is no other tracker out there. (which it was like a couple of years ago) But they have just stopped developing it, they did not think it was worth their time.

How much would you want to pay for an Undo feature, after you just had erased a really nice track out of accident?
And you know that Undo would be really nice many more times?

Would you consider giving 10bucks for the programmer to sit down and include a undo feature?

Now, in order for him to make the undo feature it would probably take him 8 hours of work in front of a computer.

Do you think that 10bucks for 8 hours work is a good pay?

The programmer probably earns 8*30 bucks at work that is 240 bucks if he spend those eight hours working at his work!

Why should the programmer sit down and make an undo feature for you for free? When he can either earn more money or go to the movies, have a date, go shopping etc?

But the programmer says this time I could make it for half of what I earn at work, 120bucks just to be nice.

Now how would you get him those money? Because you can’t pay him 120bucks for an undo function can you?

This is where selling a product commes in the picture.

If you could get 12 other people that would like an undo function to pay 10bucks each, you would all be happy!

So you find 12 other people that all promises to give 10bucks when he is finished.

Now the coder is almost finished with the undo function it works sometimes and sometimes not.

However one of those people that have a half finished undo function suddenly backs out and says, no I don’t want to pay I want it for free?

The coder than says, no I can’t give it to you for only 110 bucks! I have allready been working on it really cheap, I have a rent to pay and a child that needs cloth and food.

So I stop, I´m not going to finish the undo!

Billy! You are the guy backing out! And saying, no I don’t want to pay I want it for free!
You are the guy that lets everybody else down by not giving your contribution to the coder!

Do you get annoyed when you walk into a market and see all the food you have to pay for?
The answer to why pay when you can have it for free is very simple:

You want him to make the software much better!
And you also want to thank him/here.

What are you complaining for!?

There are other free softwares like Psycle and Berotracker, Skale and modplug.
And there is also software in development like Buzzle, to which you can pay whatever you like.

Now they are not as good as Renoise is at the moment but that is because they are free.

Go and use them!

I can see that 45$ Can be much money if you live in Eastern Europe Africa or Asia.
But you just have to accept the fact that the guys who does this software is living in Europe.

There is another HUGE difference between Renoise and Reason/Cubase.
The amount you pay is almost a onetime fee!

You should be glad that someone has done this amazing software and sell it at a price you can afford!

As far as I´m concerned
You don’t have the right to complain because you have not done a single thing to support this software!

Accept reality! Reality is, if you don’t pay the software dies!

To be honest,

I registered Renoise a week ago to get rid of the NAG screen.
I think that a nagscreen is THE REASON why people cracked it.

So the devs should use an alternative limitation, the nagscreens are a bit too hard for the average I think.

Secondly why I registered is that I can place myself in thought at the work of the developers, their feelings and their tribute to The Scene.

The ONLY reason I didn’t registered before is that I had to charge money over the internet via electronic banking blabla.
Then I thought, what the heck? 45 dollar? If you chow down some meal in a restaurant, of buy some other useless gadget for your PC then you are spending almost the same or more.

So I offered my money and if there are any upgrades that are possible in the future for wich I should pay, then my donation will be even higher.

For the good of the developers of changing my life that I can track again like tracking always was in the old days…
Respect The Scene, respect the devs. , do something good and register.
Click on the order page, fill in yer details… do go with the money to a bank or something and you will become happier alot.

I am aware of the Jeffrey Lim situations and I got similar mails from him too back then in 1997 and even later on in 1999, 2000 and so on.
I just never want to see that happen to Renoise’s team.

I wish you happy tracking and I hope you respect The Scene, post your music for free and be happy. B)

Actually, a nag screen that shows up every time you try to save instead of when working on the song would be good…

Yep i agree, don’t nag users while they are concentrated on making their stuff.

I always paid for good software. I bought X-Tracker in 1994 and I bought Renoise last year (1.28), although my PC was too slow to handle this tool. Now that I am the lucky owner of my new PC I work with renoise every day :)

On the other hand, sometimes I think cracks are good. Maybe if you are having trouble with a broken Excel-Spreadsheet and you need a tool to repair it NOW and FAST because otherwise your boss will kill you…

As I used to work for a software company, I know that too many cracks and ISO-files could destroy jobs, anyway…

I agree with the others that the nag screens are too intrusive for new users.

Renoise is my Bag-O-Weed!!! :D

dint really mean to take your comment out of context but i needed to, to make mine. :D

Crack! Where??!!!


You’re just plain silly.

If you can afford an internet connection for downloading warez all day, you can afford Renoise. If you can’t spare $45 for software, you need to get a job.

And the naive “let’s give everything away for free” sentiment doesn’t cut it in the real world. You would know that if you tried living in it.

If you’re stealing other peoples work, at least have the decency not to go to the devs homepage and brag about it.