Cracking noise bug on Renoise 3.2.1

Hello there

I’ve noticed that there is a bug causing cracking noise on the newest renoise ver 3.2.1 pic%201 which I never had before

There are only kickbass and a sample on top which is sidechained, in my experience there must not happen such phenomenon.

1- I thought it was happening by 3rd plugins, so I tested all the stems to render and putting them back into the new project but had the same

2 - I thought it’s because of too much gain in the moment so that it happened, I tested -1db on master but it was same(I’m new here and forum says I can’t put any more picture here on this topic so sorry I can’t show it, but it was same)

3 - Tested putting all stems on cubase - no cracking anymore, tested on renoise 3.2 and was no problem. so I’m here writting all the things happened to me. I think I will use ver 3.2 for the moment.

*To renoise team, if you would need this project file, please contact me directly.
isseitanukichi @ outlook . jp

Thank you.

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In the preferences you can lower the signal by 6 dB. Is this maybe different?

I find it strange the representation of the right channel (below), which happens with the amplitude. It seems to take the sample value of -1 and convert it to +1, when it should be -1. I had never seen that.

Anyway, that stem is saturated and exceeds the sample range of +1, -1. Perhaps using a compressor where necessary with the appropriate parameters and regulating the volume you can avoid this situation.

If you use recorded multitracks, make sure they are not very high in level. Thus, when creating the stems from them, you will not have so many creptitation problems.

It is advisable to keep the levels of all tracks controlled. In the end, in the mastering process, you can always raise the final level of the entire song.

Hi Iilith,

with -6db on master it doesn’t but -4 yes

Hi Raul thank you for your comment.

Well… the thing is that I have been doing same for 13 years, I’m used to work with saturated sounds(I produce hardcore techno) and never had this problem(very strange, right?), I checked with other ver of renoise & on cubase too, and there weren’t problem like this.

btw here is my sound :slight_smile: if you’d be interested x
Most of sounds are made by renoise.

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It seems that the wave is simply cut off, and the representation is wrong. But this is only a suspicion. In the representation of the points (amplitude of the sample), when the value is less than -1, it should return -1. When the value is greater than +1 it should return +1.

In this image capture it is clear. The sample value is less than -1, so it should take -1. However, he is taking +1. It only occurs in a sample.

Probably the real wave is fine (although cut off), and this is just a representation problem. I am speculating.

By the way, good hardcore piece :smile::muscle:

@Tanukichi Could you create a small example XRNS song file which demonstrates the problem? Then we could check what’s exactly going on here.

Sure. Please send me message to isseitanukichi @ outlook . jp
Thank you.

No, he means that you should send an example to him, not vice versa.
support at renoisecom