CrackleGen - Renoise Doofer

Made a crackle-generator to aid in the production of vinyl crackles, raindrops hitting a surface, choppy randomized gate/glitch.

This is a fairly simple Doofer, but produces some nice randomized gating with filter control. Aim this towards sounds you’d like to be in the background (like vinyl crackle, etc.). Works on any sound you throw in the sampler, 'cuz it’s a Doofer!

CrackleGen.xrdp (7.1 KB)


And if the LFO was able to be sped up @taktik, we’d have some simple granular :smiley:

Cool concept! Thanks for sharing. modulation feedback is also really interesting/cool with the gate device. check this:
FB - GATE GRANULES.xrdp (13.9 KB)

I adapted your doofer a little to better suit my needs. cut out the filter and assigned macros to amp, offset, freq, gate/duck switch, attack, hold, release, and floor. Maybe its useful for others so I’ll post it here:
BREAKUP.xrdp (6.7 KB)

can make for some really nice degradation fx

you can always use the formula device for faster than 1LPC lfos
Faster LFO using Formula (faster than 1 LPC)
If you want a random lfo as the trigger, you can use one of the saw formulas and send it to lfo reset on a random or pseudo random custom lfo. there’s probably a simple formula to generate a new random value per tick or some other subdivision of lines as well…

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That custom LFO formula is ‘ok’, I can get a slightly faster gate response, and it does make it a bit more ‘grainy’. Oh well, another texture Doofer :smiley:

Added a bit more to it (custom LFO, reverb, delay), makes for some nice harmonic beds on a pad. Still pretty simple, yet fuller.

CrackleGen v2.xrdp (63.2 KB)

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cool :+1:

here’s a Tick rate random value generator with amplitude scaling and offset. could be useful for all kinds of stuff, including stochastic synthesis
fast random.xrdp (675 Bytes)

I’m sure there’s a way to create a variable frequency scaler for it, but i’m still very much wet behind the ears when it comes to this stuff

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Thank you!

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I just noticed that crushing a signal to near-nothing with the compressor (fastest attack and release, limit mode) gives a really fun crackle effect that relates to the audio. Really nice parallel dirt effect.
compressor_crackle.xrns (727.8 KB)


Abusing effects often surprises folks with the outcome! Glad you found us another :slightly_smiling_face:

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