Crackles with VSTis

Hi everybody, I’m using renoise since a few months (without purchasing it yet, I’m just practising for now), and a few days ago it started to emit crackles with the sound, often, but not always.
Could it be that I started using multiple instances of VSTis?
The crackles last for about a minute and only if some sound is playing (i.e. if I mute all the tracks no sound and no crackle is heard).
It the crackles even if I trigger a sample (and nothing elseis playing).

Thanks for help.

You know… If you come to Renoise Full Version; you will be able to use Asio… “asio is a low latency driver.”

Have you tried, “preferences, raise the value of latency.” If your’s is set to example: 512, than you want to try 1024… Here’s a screen image… This driver is Asio4all… ( just to clarify, I do not know what driver you are using, but changing its latency should be similar. )


Yes, but I tought ASIO drivers only influence latency time, not things like this.
If ASIO drivers would eliminate the problem, I’ll manage to buy renoise as soon as i can!

Crackles is a classic symptom of your latency time, “not being long enough.”

Right well, basically Asio is a low latency driver… which means it allows you to work at lower latencies. I do not know what your settings are right now, but it is entirely possible that you can, "keep the same latency you have right now, install asio ( if you had renoise full ) and have no more crackles.

However… I do not know your system spec, and you make no mention of, “what vst(s) is causing the problem,” or tell us how long your latency is, what audio card… etc… There are a lot of variables. To give a fully proper assessment, one would need more info… :unsure:

But, “yeah”

ASIO would probably fix this…

Cheers :walkman: Edit = sorry to be so confusing, I just did not want to mislead… Hopefully that all makes sense.

Could indeed be soundcard settings, up the latency (ms) in the preferences to listen for differences.

That could possibly be the culprit, if I remember correctly some synths have trouble running multiple instances, like oatmeal. What vsti’s are you running, demo-versions sometimes also emit noise.

Sorry for the missing info!
I run renoise on a samsung notebook, processor i5, 6 Gb of RAM, internal soundcard (i think realtek) adn win 7.
The audio drivers i have now do not permit any regulation of buffers or latency or something different than volume and panning.
Maybe i should check for updates. <_<
The VST i have problem with are Zebralette and Charlatan.

BTW thanks everybody for helping! :)

Also for DirectSound you can raise the latency in the Renoise Audio Preferences, simply raise it to 50 or 100msecs and see if that brings improvement audio-wise.