Crash And Wrong Logo

I recently bought and downloaded renoise 2.7.2 - until lately i’ve been running 2.1 demo

Then 2 days after I downloaded the program, the logo(on the desktop and in the folder) changed into what seens to be an “ordinary” windows program sign.

Further more i encountered a crash today. I just opened the program and chose a native instrument and it went down.
I’ve ingnored that everytime I’m closing renoise it says:" Renoise stopped working"; didn’t think it meant anything…

Further further more! My computer started crashing as in blue screen-off-death-crashing. This started after I downloaded renoise 2.7.2 so I wonder if it has a connection?

Anyone having an idea what the problem might be?

Sincerely Andreas

Sounds like you’ve maybe got some OS problems, not Renoise problems.

I suggest that you check the space on your hard drive and do a virus scan. Is it only Renoise that is acting up?

Gotthelf , I suggest to do what Sage says or/and a reinstall of 2.7.2. I have hard time believing the problem would be renoise .

Might be my Computer, wouldn’t surprise me, it’s acting strangely sometimes :P

Will try that and see what it may result in

Thx :)

BSOD’s are 99% driver faults. Check your audio interface (perhaps reseat it in its slot) or check for driver updates. Or perhaps you have a conflicting driver. Try starting up msinfo32 (you can do this from the start/run bar) then go to hardware and check your conflicts/sharing to see if your audio device is sharing irq’s or addresses with another device. Usually it does share memory or an interrupt, but that doesn’t mean that it should cause problems, but if you have for instance an onboard audio device sharing the same interrupt with your added audio interface, that could be a problem. (turning off the onboard audio device in the BIOS usually resolves this then)