Crash. Can't Reload The Song :(

Hey taktik.

As the topic says. I was working on a song, and renoise crashed, when I tried to delete a track during play ( Stupid, I know…)

A crashbackup was created, but i cannot open it…

I will send the xrns song to bug(at)renoise, and I hope you can fix it, so I can go on…

I will mark it with “cubedecibel - song crashed”

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

EDIT: Oh, forgot. I’m running 1.9.1 on Macbook Pro. OSX 10.5.5 (Leopard)

as a temporary fix if the project is important to you, try moving the rapture vsti out of your plugins folder (just drop it on your desktop or whatever). if renoise is having trouble opening because of a vsti problem, removing the vst will stop renoise from being able to detect it, and you will be able to open your project and replace the instrument with another plugin. see if this works, then save your project without the rapture vst, then put rapture back in your plugin folder.

this doesn’t solve the problem, but it should allow you to open the project at least for now. i had a similar problem a while back in ableton where i had a faulty plugin that wouldn’t let me open a critical project because it kept crashing when loading the project. removing the plugin from the folder allowed me to open the project and fix it up.

just wondered if you got my mail with the song?

hey Tak. Yes, and thank you. You can check your mail again :)