Crash + Infinite Loop? All In One Script

The offending script:

1275 TickyCrash.xrnx

It happend when adding the following for loop on line 127, related to GUI building
and I think commenting out the id on 155:

127 for row = 1, num_of_rows do --16 rows for now  
155 -- id = "cb_"..row..i,  


1273 Crash.PNG

then after restart and reload (infinite loop??) renoise has to be manually crashed Ctrl shift esc:

1276 Crash 2.PNG

Hmm. Can’t replicate this here on windows with B7. Can you, by simply opening the GUI?

“No RTII data” is scary. Never have this before :unsure:

can`t check this at the moment but will have another look. I think it was something to do with creating an enormous script GUI?