Crash loading presets files in NI Massive VST

Brief description
I’m using:
Windows 7
Renoise 3.0.0 64 Bit (Built Apr 7 2014)
Massive 1.2.1 License Type: Demo

Steps to reproduce
Open Renoise 3.
Close Welcome to Renoise
Click Plugin
Select Massive(at this point I get the spinning blue wheel for a bit)
After the blue wheel goes away, click Run demo.
Click File->Open Sound
Explorer window comes up to choose .ksd file.
Alt+Tab to switch to Notepad.
Alt+Tab again to switch back and Renoise is unresponsive.

Expected results
I expect to be able to alt+tab to another application and then back without Renoise crashing while hosting vsts. This works in 2.0 and 2.8 just fine.

Actual results
Renoise freezes/crashes.

Extra: This happens with VOPM in the same circumstances too. It’s crashed with other actions too, but this is the first one I’ve been able to reproduce consistently.

I’m really jazzed about the new features but it’s frustrating. I’m getting the impression that the new plugin server is unstable.

Are the plugins running bridged?
Does this happen to you when they are not bridged?

Does the standalone version also do this? I have this issue with NI synths, the demo would freeze for ~30 seconds in all daws and the standalone, it would work as expected afterwards.

this is a known issue for old cracked version of massive.

use the latest demo (v1.4)

Ahhh… the 2.0 and 2.8 versions I’m using are 32 bit. I’m using a 64 bit version of 3.0. I’ll install a 32 bit version of 3.0 tomorrow and try it again. Unless there’s a way to use 32bit vst’s in 64 bit without bridging? I couldn’t find anything in the manual about vst bridging.

I don’t have the standalone. Don’t think I installed it.

The behavior of cracked versions is of no concern to me.
Can the 1.4 demo convert .ksd’s?

I tried 3.0 in 32 bit and it worked just fine! Thanks radian!