Crash Loading/previewing Large Mp3 Samples

Hi there,
I’m having trouble loading long samples into renoise.
at the moment I’m using a hp210-3000 mini laptop running win7 32bit with renoise2.8
when i try to prehear a longer sample renoise just crashes on me.


Greetings Lucas

may be a low memory issue; those notebooks have little RAM

hmm then i will chop up my samples using another program :(

When Renoise crashes, do you see any error messages, or does it simply crash and instantly disappear?

Exactly how much RAM do you have?

Exactly how large are the samples? What’s their exact filesize? How long is ‘long’?

What filetype(s) are the samples: MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc?

Do the samples play normally in any other software?

Anything else you can think of?

It only happens when i try to load mp3, I converted the samples and the problem didn’t occur anymore. :s
No errors, except renoise reageert niet meer er word naar een oplossing gezocht.