[???] Crash when trying to view a track's automation

Working on a track, click the “view automation” icon in the track header (above the main editor) and Renoise crashes. Open it back up, go to the “Automation” pane at the bottom and try to edit one of the parameters, it also crashes.

Attached is the log, let me know if you want the XML.


could you please upload/share the song this happens with?
You can also send the file to us privately via support renoise com.

If i remember correctly that happened to me too at one point, but that was quite a long time ago. I think i found out what the issue was, but i just can’t remember it. :(
I have searched on my computers, but can’t seem to find it. Wasn’t there a prefix in thename of tracks that are saved when renoise crashes? Thought i remembered something with “crash”, but it didn’t come up on my searches…