Crash with Doofer "Flux + G monoBass" + Send tool

Bit of an unusual crash which requires the following AFAICT:

Windows 7 64bit:

Flux Stereo Tool



7859 Flux Crash 1.xrns

my send mixer tool

-Install the VSTs and send mixer tool.

-Load the xrns (which has the doofer on the active track)

-Call up Send Mixer tool

Now move the slider on the send mixer tool - IMPORTANT: drag the slider up from the bottom, don`t just click mid slider. You should be able to get a renoise crash. Ctrl + X undo to remove send device and repeat if not, it happens pretty regularly.

The tool automatically adds a send device. I need to investigate more why dragging from bottom has a different behaviour, but Ill add any more insights if I find them. Also whether the doofer config matters or not I dont know.

Ran into this again.

There is something definitely funny when that flux plug is in a doofer:

  1. I managed to crash renoise when it was paired in the doofer with Klanghelm VUMT Deluxe aswell.

  2. Also if you pair it with a native renoise device i.e.

Doofer == [renoise Analog Filter] + [Flux Stereo Tool]

then use the Send Mixer tool to add a send on that track (dragging from the bottom of the slider up). Two send devices will be added to the track. This doesn`t seem to happen in any other situation with the tool so I guess it is related to this bug.

Some renoise C++ speculation: Maybe something is not being updated in the right order, when the Flux plug is in a multi-plug doofer? So when the tool calls to read the device properties in the track the device count does not match device objects in existance?