crash with freebie distortion vst

(Djeroek) #1

Dunno how relevant for Renoise as this crash happened testing one of the freebies from this years KVR’s challenge, but here’ what the crash log says;

VstPlugs: Trying to instantiate C:\Program Files~AUDIO64~VST(I)64~FREEWARE64\Distortion.dll

VstPlugs: Analyzing VST plugin ‘Unknown Vendor: Distortion’, Unique ID:1329099373, Version:2400

VstPlugs: Instantiate OK

CrashLog: Handling Exception! Code : C0000005

CrashLog: 00007FFF9C43FD98: VSTPluginMain +3AEB8

CrashLog: 000000001898AB90: ??? +00000

CrashLog: 0000000000000B7D: ??? +00000

CrashLog: 00000000005FF660: ??? +00000

CrashLog: 00007FFF9C39BC84: ??? +00000

Application: Caught an unhandled fatal exception (Thread: GUI)!

Application: Saving a backup…

It happened with the 64 bit version of Renoise in windows 10 when trying topreview one of the presets from the plugin. Get the plugin here;