Crash with Slices, Phrases and Copy/Paste

Renoise just crashed ,gave fatal error warning,I had a sample sliced and the slices were in a phrase they also had dsp chains on them,i rendered the output and then when i copied the rendered file and tried to paste it back into the original, were it was originally sliced,it crashed.

I cant be certain, but my guess would be that the original was 44.1k 16 bit and the render was 48k 32bit.

This seems like a bug though,surely a dialog box should stop you from doing this rather then letting you do it and then crashing?

i cant,when i open the saved file back up,the original is gone.

i have auto backup,it didn’t have time to start,i have it set to 30 minutes.

i did have it shorter but then it became tedious.

Post the content of the log file.

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