Crashed Track

I started making a dancetrack this evening, only a pattern long and using 3 VST-instances (Synth1 and VOPM), some samples and a few VST-effects (only on the VST-instrument channels btw). I don’t know why but after spending some time with the track, I moved upwards in the instrument/sample list by using the keyboard and Renoise suddenly crashed, the samplepointer specifically being located on some of the samples.

Now, I found the backup rns-file that was saved at the crash (since I made the mistake of not saving the song on my own) but it only partially works. The interesting thing is that the program crashes again if any of the samples are triggered when I’m playing the song (so if I mute these channels, it works!). Renoise also crashes when if I move upwards/downwards in the sample/instrument list by using the keyboard (as the locator passes any of the samples). Also, I can’t select any of the samples using the mouse, Renoise simply won’t highlight these samples.

I do get a “Loading failed with the error : Unexpected end of file” and I can’t save the song successfully again (these files also contains errors) so my guess is that somethings funky with the samples or the pointers to them. I’m using Renoise 1.5 demo btw.

My question is if I’m able to stabilize the rns file in some way or do I have to begin again from scratch? It’s not extremely much work but of course it would be nicer if Renoise didn’t crash at all. :) The thing that bugs me is that it seems to be the samples that crashes the song and not the VST-instruments.

Never mind, I guess. I solved it by deleting the instruments (in the advance edit-menu) and could then save it properly. I then opened another instance of Renoise with the buggy version, compared them and loaded the instrument and samples the same way as I had in the original document. So, it’s all good again.