Crashes with Cableguys ShaperBox 3 after deleting device chain


When I copy or delete a device chain on a send track, with the devices below, Renoise just crashes immediately. I’m not even sure if the logfile tells something about the crash.

Tested with many diferrent plugin options, on all plugins, but it keeps crashing.

Plugins on the send channel:
Fabfilter Saturn
Cableguys Shaperbox3
Fabfilter Proq2

Renoise 3.4.3
Windows 11 (clean machine, only Renoise and audio related software, no warez)
13th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-13700K 3.40 GHz

Log.txt (1.1 MB)

According to the log Cableguys: ShaperBox 3 crashes for you a lot. Quite likely it takes other plugins and Renoise with it. Anything can happen, can be corruped after such crashes. The only way to avoid plugin from taking down Renoise and other plugins is to sandbox it.

Any clue why ShaperBox 3 crashes here? Is it a specific preset or a problem in Renoise in general?

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Thanks for your fast reply taktik, I already suspected Shaperbox 3 from being the source of the crashes. Every time Renoise crashes (happened many times before), shaperbox is in the device chain which I work on (delete, copy etc), but I read that I could better not write down my assumptions beforehand.

I don’t use presets, I just add a volumeshaper and maybe some other shaper and configure what I need. It’s mostly ducking, nothing fancy as far I’m concerned.

I do trigger the envelopes in shaperbox by a sidechain device from a click track. I have many shaperbox instances which I trigger that way, all from one click track, with 5 or 6 sidechain devices connected to the different shaperbox instances. Maybe that’s where the problems start?

What do you mean with a Renoise problem in general?

Thanks again!

Enabling ‘run all plugins in sandboxes’, prevent Renoise from crashing, thanks.