Crashing plugins with Renoise 3.3

I’ve encountered several crashing plugins with Renoise 3.3 in the last few days, very few of the crashed ones are VST3 plugins though. I can’t replicate the crashes but it happens way more often than with Renoise 3.2.4 and they’re not the typical crash prone plugins that I got used to crashing every now and then but plugins that have pretty much never (or very rarely) crashed before even when I’ve used them for years.

Most often it happens right after render to disk, sometimes in playback, sometimes when idle. Sometimes Renoise just disappears on its own or disappears after clicking ok on the fatal error popup.

My CPU is Ryzen 2600X, motherboard Asus B450 Prime Plus, 32 gigs of ram, 2x AMD R9 280X’s in crossfire mode (one display), three SSD’s, two HDDs, Behringer UMC204HD audio interface in a USB 3.1 Gen 2 port. running at 24bit/96khz, Windows 10 Pro with all the latest updates and drivers. Akai MPK49 Midi Keyboard connected with USB.

Warning Message: Ouch. The VST plugin ‘Best Service: Engine 2 (from Best Service)’ crashed in VST event/function: ‘Dispatch’, Thread: ‘GUI’

Warning Message: Ouch. The VST plugin ‘Best Service: Engine 2 (from Best Service)’ crashed in VST event/function: ‘Dispatch’, Thread: ‘GUI’

VstPlugs: Plugin ‘Native Instruments GmbH: Kontakt’ crashed in its audio process function!

Warning Message: Ouch. The VST plugin ‘Native Instruments GmbH: Kontakt (from Native Instruments GmbH)’ crashed in VST event/function: ‘Process’, Thread: ‘AUDIO Slaves’

these are the only mentions of crashes in the logfile, even though there have been tens of crashes. Other crashing plugins have been Waves VST3 plugins (IR1, IR-L, H-Reverb), Izotope Ozone 9 Advanced, and VST plugins such as UVI Workstation, EastWest Play, Scaler 2. Most often it has however been the usually very stable trio of Native Instruments Kontakt 6.4.2, Best Service Engine 2.7 and UVI Workstation 3.0.16. The two former ones crash spectacularly with warning popups, the UVI crashes silently only showing a red rim inside the plugin around the loaded instrument and just doesn’t produce any audio.

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Hello Joonas,

Have you had chances figuring out what is going on? I’m running into the same kind of issue. I encounter lots of crashes while using VST plugins (Sitrus, InstaChord, GrossBeat, Synth1). Hell I’m having a hard time spend more than 10 minutes without one. All the time, Renoise just disappears. No freezing, no message, nothing. And no crash log file in AppData.

I’m wondering if you had any chance solving your issue.


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The only thing I found that made it a bit more stable was lowering the sampling rate from renoise, I think if something is too heavy for the computer, renoise just can’t handle it

Thank you, I will try that.