Crashy Crashy with Rapture VST

I’ve gotten Cakewalk’s Rapture recently, and it works fine most of the time. However, there are some situations, which seem entirely random, where this comes up.

Ouch. The VST plugin ‘Cakewalk: Rapture (from Cakewalk)’ crashed in VST event/function: ‘Process’, Thread: ‘AUDIO Slaves’

IMPORTANT: This is a fatal error. Please save the current document under a !new! name to prevent losing important data. Renoise will silently ignore any following errors from this plug-in.


It’s most likely that this is a bug in the VST plugin, so please report this problem to the authors of this plugin in order to get the problem fixed!

Oh, and that “other random crashes and problems” that it mentions? That usually happens right after I close the dialogue, freezing Renoise and destroying the song.

I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else using 2.8.1, but I warn you, if you are a Rapture user, be very wary about using it without frequent saves.

It is possible to get Rapture to run, “with stability,” in Renoise 2.8.1 – I bought Rapture when it was a 1.0, you need to, “kick its ass,” but you can get it stable.

What’s your Operating System?

I’m guessing that even though you bought it at 1.2.2 it asked you install its 1.0, before it would let you install its 1.2, is that correct? Also, could you clarify, in your studio do you like to use the Renoise 64bit or 32bit?

Right now I believe I have 1.2.1 (what it reason in my programs list since there’s no way to view the version number in the plugin window). I think I installed it all at the same time. I use the 64 bit version of Renoise.

I’ve had the same problem with Rapture in ReNoise…

Ok… I am going to guess you are using windows. And I am also going to guess, “you have access to Rapture’s 1.0.” I really wish I knew your os, because on Mac… I do not think there is anything we can do.

My diagnoses = You have not properly installed the 1.2.2 update. ( This is not your fault. The Cakewalk installer is broken or, “fucked up,” is a more precise term. ) What you need to do is use Rapture’s uninstaller. After you uninstall Rapture, go into your program files, and vst plugin folders and make sure there are no remnants. Delete all Rapture associated content.

Now comes the tricky part, so I am going to provide photos. Open Regedit, by typing, “regedit,” into you start button popup box

Now we will delete some registry files: You are looking specifically for folders named Rapture and rp

the first folders are found in hkey_current_user/software/cakewalk music software

Now we are going to hkey_local_machine/software/cakewalk music software

delete more rapture + rp folders

now we scroll down hkey_local_machine/software/wow6432node/cakewalk music software

and delete rapture folders

After these steps it is time to reinstall exactly like this:

Download and install 1.1

install the next one, in proper order 1.1.1

install the 1.2

Skip the 1.2.1

Install the 1.2.2!!

And follow the directions specifically on these pages. Read them while you install. When you are done installing, if you do not have 64 bit 1.2.2 installed, start over, and try again… You got screwed by the buggy installer, which is somewhere between 1.2 and 1.2.2

Now… There are other bugs in Rapture, but lets see if you can get that all working… That’s a lot for now, and in some other post, I will get into the other bugs.


Edit = I got my photos all screwed up, I tried to make em smaller, cause its a lot of images for one thread, but than it got confusing

Edit again = Ok… I think my photos are in proper order, so while I am dealing with this, I think I will just FAQ.

  1. If you install Rapture this way, and get to the proper 1.2.2 hotfix version, you should have stability. I haven’t had a crash in months. However, there are two caveats. Two really big bugs, and doubt Cakewalk will ever bother fixing them for Renoise. – Cakewalk has really changed since Roland owns 100% of them now.

Big bug # 1. You can not use the step sequencers, specifically related to pitch, on any elements and send them note information from Renoise’s pattern editor. This does cause random crashes. No matter how well you have installed.

Big bug # 2. This doesn’t effect me, because I had Rapture for at least two years before Renoise, and it was my only synth for those two years… But I expect this to effect other people. In Renoise, Rapture does not show popup boxes detailing information. I will add more photos… First a standalone Rapture

See that popup box with the cutoff freq… Rapture has popup boxes all over it, that give you detailed info. These boxes simply, “do not show up,” in Renoise, on my computer. So… A good chance, you will not be seeing em too…

That was a standalone Rapture… There is no point in me uploading a Renoise Rapture shot… If you have another daw, you can scope out, the popup boxes, to get an idea of what you are missing… They appear on the filter knobs, the resonance, the delay, reverb, eq knobs etc, etc, etc…