Crayon Syndrome

I’m sooo stoked! I just went and bought a new crotch rocket today… the person thought that a duplicate title meant that it was a salvage title- well that’s their mistake, cause when i checked the vin numbers the title came up CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR :dribble: - so they sold me the bike thinking it was only worth $4500, when really it only has less than a thousand miles on it and the thing has pretty much sat in a garage it’s whole life- it blue books for $6500-$7000 with 5000 miles and average wear and tear, mine is floor room condition… the thing is CLEAN! It rides so nice- shifts so smooths, just cuts corners like butter…

check my new baby out!

w000t w000t :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

You guys think its pretty or what? Just pray for me! I’m going to need it, this thing is stupid fast. :panic:

Wow that’s a beauty, congrats on the bargain!

Yeah it’s so dope… thanks! I’ma go and cruise it right now even thought I havent registered it yet… I just can’t resist!

To say it with the wise words of Yoda: “Fast this thing goes. May the gasoline be with you” ;)

Nice stuff :)

Nice. Can I trash it? :)

You would seriously die.

Probably would. I can’t ride at all.

Just practice a bit in GTA first :D

Coool! But take it easy, you know if you die you wont be able to ride that bike…

nice, my CS1X is by yamaha, too.
but i guess yours has the better sound… ;)

I dont know much about a bike just by looking at it…

what capacity engine? how much bhp? what s’it weigh?

It’s got a 600cc enigine, and has about 125-130 hp. It weights about 360 lbs dry. it’s sick though, i picked up a power commander for it, so i can hook up my laptop and calibrate the digital fuel injection system (so if i’m on the track and I think i could shave a half a second if i could pump a little more fuel when swithcing into another gear, i just hook up my laptop to it and hook it up). I mean this thing doesn’t have shit on any recent liter bikes, but it’s a fing rocket for sure and it will kill you if you don’t watch yourself. These days 600cc bikes are just torqy as f… I’m thinking about a bigger sprocket so I can get the front end up at lower rpm’s/speeds… I need to quit f****ing around and get this thing all legit and regged and insured though… I can’t help riding it though. This is def going to cut into my production for the summer.

you be careful with that… i tend to think about such machinary as vehicles for kamikazes

yeah, they are da bomb :P
louis: cool! 600 ccs are plenty enough to kill yourself, for sure…and thats definately a very MEAN power:weight
Most days I doubt my car has more than 130 hp at 1.2 tonnes :)