Crazy Drum Machine Playing...

:drummer: :o

Thats some great drum skills, thanks for the link :D

Whoa! Impressive sh1t.

Heres another one:

the bit near the end is quite cool - he’s triggering samples to form a complete ‘track’.…/


Kid Beyond does some fun stuff but to be honest I’m not really impressed by his beat boxing. If he was as good as Rahzel I think he could be onto something really amazing.

As for that Prodikeys shit, heh… saw that years ago. Funny, but utterly wack :P



He`s not my favourite either, but I like the workflow within the video.…ted&search=

Maybe not the best beatboxer, but the combination… :)

the thing about beatboxing these days though is that EVERYBODY has drawn “inspiration” from rahzel and so everybody’s style sounds like rahzel.

but you probably like these ones: