Crazy Mix Contest 2011

Hi Renoise users,

The 3rd edition of the Crazy Mix (Mixage Fou in french) contest is open now for 4 weeks (until March 13)
You have to make a crazy mix from the 10 sounds available on the website:

The only constraint is the duration: 80 seconds (you do not have to mix all the sounds, you can only use one part, but it is forbidden to use other sounds)

This year you can play in 2 formats : in stereo 2.0 and in surround 4.0. So each participant can play 2 times.

There are some nice gifts to win including Akai controllers and a 3-day stay in Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival 2011.

There are 15 partners (juries) this year who each choose freely their favorite Crazy Mix (no 1st prize, no 2nd prize … but the independent choice of each jury) There will be at least 15 gifts and probably 15 winners.

This contest is organized on a voluntary basis and receives no money in order to exist. You can help in giving this information to your friends around you.
I remain at your disposal… ;)

Good contest

Neat! This sounds exciting. I can’t wait to hear the contestants’ entries… and maybe I’ll cook something up myself.

Nice! Definitely joining again :)

Hi Jonas,

Glad to see you back in the contest this year, do you like the sound selection ?

The first crazy mix is already online :panic: you can listen to it directly from the player in the crazy mix website.

Don’t forget that can play also in surround 4.0 B)

Sure, nice & diverse. There are lots of rhythmical possibilities.

Will try something, good excuse to try those multichannel setups in school ;) .

Some precisions…

All effects are allowed in order to make a crazy mix.

If you want to listen to the 2009 and 2010 results, you can go here :

For the registering process the translation is coming soon but I can make it here to help you upload your creation now :

"Please fill out all the fields in order to validate your paricipation. You will be contacted in order to receive your gift.

I can come to Angoulême (France) to take back my gift (yes/no)
I can come to Cannes (3 days between may 11 and may 22) for the surround prize (yes/no)

Stereo category
MP3 format : CBR 320kbps, 44100 khz, 16 bit, stereo 80 sec maximum, 4Mo maximum per file
Browse for your file…

Surround category
Same format
Browse for the front stereo file…
Browse for the rear stereo file…"

Hope this helps

The end of the contest is coming… :o

You can post your creations till march 13 00h00 GMT

Here the list of prizes updated :

  • A 3-day stay in Cannes (for 2 persons) during the Cannes Film Festival 2011 (from May 11 to 22) in a beautiful residence with swimming pool (trip is not included, exclusively for the surround category)
  • 1/2 day professional meeting during the Cannes Film Festival (bonus to the Cannes stay) - offered by Piste Rouge
  • An Akai controller mpd8 - offered by Thevenet music
  • An Akai controller LPK25 - offered by Thevenet music
  • 2 tickets for the season-ending event “The quermesse of Ménétreux” on 18 and 19 May 2011 at the Abbaye de la Couronne (France) - offered by the Angoulême Theatre
  • A series of boards and components Arduino - offered by ENJMIN
  • A surround mixing session - offered by Game Audio Factory
  • More gifts will come …

Is it allowed to manipulate the sounds? In other words, can I cut the samples up into 2-bit pieces and use them just as squarewave for example?

I think you can, but I think you have to take in consideration that your track will be judged on original uses of the samples, so chiptune may not be the good choice :).

You can do all effects on the raw material…no limits

For the judgement, there are 15 independant juries, and they will each choose their best crazy mix with their own criterias… (they do not all come from music, for example ENJMIN is a video game high degree school, CREADOC is a documentary high degree school…)

Made enough material from the sounds to make 10 collages :) , uploaded a version here as well:

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for your crazy participation !!

If you have any difficulties this week end to post your creation, please feel free to contact me directly at :

The version I posted on soundcloud is also uploaded on the mixagefou site, or what do you mean, the 4 channel version?

If there are any difficulties to post… (I am sorry it was not intended to you specifically, but if you want to post in 4 channels it is still open ^_^ )

I entered a piece in the 80 second stereo category but had to break my song down from 4:00 at the last minute :)

Luckily I was able to edit the song down quickly yesterday evening before the deadline (it helps to read directions!)
I posted the full unedited song here.

It was challenging yet really fun to make actual instruments out of that guitar tuning recording!!! Too bad I didn’t have the 2.7 beta so I could have used the keyzones!


The 2011 edition is now closed.
There are 58 stereo crazy mixes + 15 surround crazy mixes (from 13 countries)
You can download all the crazy mixes here :

Stereo category

Surround category (headphone listening ready, discrete + binaural encoding)

You can vote for your best crazy mix to make win a studio headphone AKG K-240 MKII (offered by Magelis). Just send the name of the crazy mix before this saturday march 19 11h00 p.m. GMT to : (1 vote per mail adress)

A big thanks to all participants for joining this event
The awards ceremony will take place on monday march 21 5h00 p.m. GMT on the contest website in direct !! (sorry but the ceremony will be in french only, all the awards will be written in english very soon after the ceremony)


I forwarded you my vote already for the stereo mix, but do you also need a vote on the surround mixes (judging the binaural recordings)?

Only 1 vote covers the two categories, but you can make vote your friends… good luck

Here the winners list :D

20 winners in total !!

Géraldine Beal
Jason Vine
Laurent Rouzé
Fabien Bourbigot (surround category)
Nicolas Glorieux (surround category)
Luc Blanchard
Baptiste Houzet
Kaspar Torn
Mathieu Menart (2 prizes)
Guillaume Evrard
Jean Pierre Jimenez
Seb Vaillier
Romain Paulus
Cedric Vanderstraeten (2 prizes)
Maxime Romain
Vincent Monerri
Dimitri Guindet (surround category)
Jean Charles Regonesi
Cendrine Robelin
Elodie Fiat (surround category)

In order to know what they have won, you can download this document :

Thanks again for all contributions, please feel free to give some feedbacks about the winners sound.